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This site has been created as a Memorial and celebration of the life of Nejat B. Ezal, who passed away in 1994 at just 25 years of age.  

This site is organized into pages which represent different phases of his life.  It can be navigated like a book, one page at a time, or from this home page.  Included on every page are examples of Nejat's thoughts, which he recorded in a journal between the ages of 18 and 25.

The people who knew and loved Nejat are integral to this website.  Your pictures and remembrances make it come alive. 

Please feel free to email your comments, poignant memories, funny stories and pictures.  This website can be continually updated with your input.

Note: we've elected not to include a Guestbook, because they invariably fillup with spam.   Please use the email below.
Thank you.
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Childhood & High School
Harvey Mudd College
Backpacking thru Europe
Living & working in Santa Barbara
Grad School at UCSB
Diving & his legacy
Memorial & remembrances
Letter from his brother, Kenan
Message from his friend, Alan
Scholarships in his name
Acknowledgments & Comments:

I want to thank the Ezal family and Nejat's college friends for their support and cooperation in completing this memorial. In particular, Mr. Ezal's contribution was invaluable. This process of learning more about Nejat and translating this information into a web memorial has been a deeply moving and humbling experience. I can only hope I've done justice to the memory of someone, who had such an affect on so many. I met Nejat in the summer of 1986 at CAD-Camp at Harvey Mudd College. This was two-week program for entering high school seniors that introduced computer-aided design. He had this uncanny ability to make you feel at ease and want to be his friend after just meeting him. Although we were friendly over the next 4 years, I cannot say that I was ever a close friend of Nejat; I deeply regret never having gotten to know him better.

- Bill Clark, HMC Class of '91
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If you wish to keep the memory of Nejat alive, you may make a donations to:
Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center
389 N Hope Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
(805) 687-3255
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